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CVE-2019-11456 Gila CMS 1.10.1 allows fm/save CSRF for executing arbitrary PHP code.

CVE-2019-6157 In various firmware versions of Lenovo System x, the integrated management module II (IMM2)'s first failure data capture (FFDC) includes the web server's private key in the generated log file for support.

CVE-2019-6155 A potential vulnerability was found in an SMI handler in various BIOS versions of certain legacy IBM System x and IBM BladeCenter systems that could lead to denial of service.

CVE-2019-3902 A flaw was found in Mercurial before 4.9. It was possible to use symlinks and subrepositories to defeat Mercurial's path-checking logic and write files outside a repository.

CVE-2019-3901 A race condition in perf_event_open() allows local attackers to leak sensitive data from setuid programs. As no relevant locks (in particular the cred_guard_mutex) are held during the ptrace_may_access() call, it is possible for the specif...

CVE-2019-3899 It was found that default configuration of Heketi does not require any authentication potentially exposing the management interface to misuse. This isue only affects heketi as shipped with Openshift Container Platform 3.11.

CVE-2016-1587 The Snapweb interface before version 0.21.2 was exposing controls to install or remove snap packages without controlling the identity of the user, nor the origin of the connection. An attacker could have used the controls to remotely add a...

CVE-2016-1586 A malicious webview could install long-lived unload handlers that re-use an incognito BrowserContext that is queued for destruction in versions of Oxide before 1.18.3.

CVE-2016-1585 In all versions of AppArmor mount rules are accidentally widened when compiled.

CVE-2016-1584 In all versions of Unity8 a running but not active application on a large-screen device could talk with Maliit and consume keyboard input.

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