How to Protect Your Mobile Phone’s Security?

“The most important impact on society and the world is the cell phone. Cell phones have actually been one of the primary drivers in productivity improvements.”

-Fabrice Grinda

Mobile phones are personally widely used from a very long time, but now they are also being used in businesses. The statistics show that many businesses are shifting to mobiles and much of the data is being stored on the phones. Mobile security is being compromised by the mobile phone developers. New models come in new shapes and designs but little has been done by developers to secure the mobile phones. Before we go into how to protect your mobile phone, first we need to consider the potential security threats to the mobile phones.

Some of the common security threats to the mobile phones are:


Malware is when someone hacks into the mobile phone in order to breach out the data and use it for illegal purposes. Sometimes the user doesn’t even know his phone has been infected with Malware. Malware can come in different types such as, viruses, Trojans, and etc.


Spyware is when the mobile phone’s GPS is hacked and the user’s location is being tracked by the hacker. Not only the location is being spied upon, but other information stored on the phone and phone activity is also being spied upon.

Unnecessary Downloads

Often we are surfing websites on our mobile phones, accidently we click on invisible ads which start downloading software into our mobile phones. Those software are basically Trojans and viruses which get installed into the mobile phones.

Phishing Apps

Phishing apps copy the layout and design of popular apps and trick the mobile phone user into adding their usernames and passwords and once the user enters the information, the information is sent to the hackers and they may use it to hack accounts.

Hacker Using Your Phone

This happens when someone you give your phone to, for example if you give your phone at a repair the shop, the shopkeeper might collect your data or install a spyware into your phone.

Now that we have looked into the threats to mobile security, let us now look at ways how we can protect our mobiles phones from these threats.

Do not leave your phone with an unknown

This basically means that people are hard to trust now a days, someone might take your phone to make a call and in the process he may install a spyware. Do not lend your phone to unknowns. If you are sending your phone at a repair shop, make sure you send it to a trusted mobile phone shop such as, official iPhone or android stores instead of small local shops.

Have an anti-virus installed

An anti-virus is much needed in a mobile phone to check if there is any malware in the phone mobile. Most of the latest mobile phones now have device security scans pre-installed. In case, your phone doesn’t have one already, you can download an anti-virus such as, MacAfee or Avast mobile anti-virus, these are the most well-known ones. Do mobile security scans every now and then to check if there are any threats. If any threats are found, get them removed by a cyber-security professional.

Strong password

Well almost all of have passwords on our phones. But the real task is to keep a strong password that is hard to break. Use a combination of meaningless phrases. Make sure the words are not found in the dictionary. Add uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols to create a strong password.


Biometrics is becoming very common these days. They are more secure than the passwords. Biometrics scans your thumb or finger and then you can use your thumb or finger print to unlock your mobile phone. None other than yours print can open the mobile phone. Biometrics is also being introduced in various apps now.

Ignore ads and pop-ups

Often when we are using our browser, there are ads and pop ups. They lead to websites that might trick you and steal the data. Make sure to ignore these ads and pop ups to keep your mobile phone safe.

Download apps from your developers store

When downloading the apps into your phone, only download them from the store by your developers such as, Play store on android. Do not download apps from elsewhere as those apps might be phishing apps which will become a threat to your mobile phone and will be difficult to remove. Moreover always check the developer of the apps and see if they are trusted and registered, especially when downloading games.

Keep your phone in check

Check the activity of your phone such as, your phone bills and see if there is something unusual. Moreover, keep in check your battery, if it is decreasing at a higher speed, scan your phone or get it check by a professional.

Back up the data

Back up all your data into a flash drive, computer or cloud storage. In case your data is corrupted, you can access it from the back up devices and use it. In this way, there will be no loss of data.

Report stolen phone

Unfortunately, if your phone is gets stolen, do not wait around. Go to the nearest police station and file a report. This is to ensure your safety in case someone uses your phone for illegal purposes.

Factory reset before you sell your phone

When you are about to sell your phone to someone, don’t forget to go into the settings and factory re-set your mobile phone. This will erase all the data from the phone. Your data won’t be accessed by anyone using that phone after you.

Do not connect to open Wi-Fi

When you are out in public, such as, cafes and airports, there are various open Wi-Fi available. Avoid connecting to those WiFi, since the hackers can steal your information though them.

Keeping the mobile phone safe, secure and protected in today’s world is difficult however, following the safety tips above can keep your data remain safe and mobile phone protected.


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